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The Pictures Continue...

Heather GrahamLOST IN SPACE returned this summer. While Marta Kristen had a cameo role, Judy Robinson was played by Heather Graham. From Boogie Nights to Alien Nights; Heather made a great showing.


Caroline Monroe (a few pages back) got some response from visitors to the SPACE GIRLS. It seems like a lot of you have seen the movie STAR CRASH; the tale of the bikini-clad astronaut. I'm still trying to locate a copy. So for you Caroline Monroe fan's out there, here's another photo of her bikini-clad self. Oh, for a larger view, be sure to click on the picture. I just received a link with a lot more information and details on Caroline. Try Thanks Robin for the great material!Caroline Monro


A new "B" movie beauty is Blake Pickett. She appeared in such memorable movies as THEY BITE and DARK UNIVERSE. Unfortunately, (for me) I haven't seen either one of these either. But here is some incentive for checking the racks at the local video store. Blake Pickett

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