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The Pictures Continue...

I get a lot of email regarding additional pictures of Jane Fonda from the 60's SciFi classic, BARBARELLA. While surfing the web I stumbled upon a photo of Jane that I had never seen before. I hope you Jane Fonda lovers enjoy this one. Don't forget to click on your favorite part of Jane to get a larger version of this picture.


Conspicuous by her absence has been Gillian Anderson of X-FILES fame. She has had so much exposure that I just couldn't find any new pictures. The best that I can do for you Gillian fans are these two black and white shots. Even in black and white, Gillian looks out of this world.


Linda HamiltonSurprisingly, no one has requested any Linda Hamilton shots. Linda and Arnold sure have torn up the screen and the sets in the TERMINATOR series of movies. Here is a nice shot of Linda that I stumbled upon.


Finally, while surfing, I came across a nice photo of Jenny Agutter from the movie LOGAN'S RUN. It was such a good shot of Jenny's that I had to post it with the rest of the SPace Girls shots. By the way, clicking on Jenny's anatomy will produce a larger version of the picture.Jenny Agutter


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